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Online Services

CU@ Home

Members may access their share account and loan information through CU@Home.  Passwords are to be kept confidential and changed periodically.  Account access and information is available 24 hours a day, every day.  Your account information is kept safe and secure any time you access JDECU CU@ Home. 


E-Statements are an easy way to help us save paper and resources at the credit union.  When we save, we are able to pass those savings back to you in the form of services, dividends and lower fees.  Statements are uploaded to your account for you to view, download or print.  You will be able to view statements for up to a 24 month period.


What better way to monitor your account for a minimum balance than E-alerts!  E-Alerts are set-up by you and customized by you.  You are able to request a text message be sent to you when your account falls below a specified minimum, when a loan payment is due, or when a specific check clears your account.  And the best part is it doesn’t cost you anything! But please remember, this service is tied to our uploading of history to your account, not to your debit card authorizations.  We perform uploads at least twice a day during normal business days.  This means your alert will look at your information when debit card transactions are posted, ACH items are posted and also when share drafts are posted. 

Account Transfers

You can use CU@Home to transfer funds from your savings to your checking, to a loan, or to a special savings account.  We receive those requests and post them directly to your account.

View Check Images

Having access to your account online also allows you access to view an image of your check online.  You can also download those images for tax records.

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